I think it would be useful to draw up and discuss a list of guidelines to define our ethic for local and visting boulderers. The list that I propose is based on the MCI good practice for walkers and climbers. Email me if you have any feedback. I can add peoples comments to this page if they wish.
  • No pof/resin.
  • No chipping.
  • Wire brushes should be only used when necessary on new boulder problems for established problems a soft brush will suffice.
  • Gardening (the removal of vegetation) should be avoided whenever possible.
  • Go easy on the chalk.
  • Use a bouldering pad to protect the ground (and yourself).
Below are the guidelines for general users of the Wicklow Mountains National Park from
  • Please take your litter away with you or deposit it in the bins provided.
  • Please do not light fires. Both moorlands and woodlands can be destroyed by accidental fires. A stray match, cigarette end or abandoned fire could cause untold damage.
  • Please keep dogs firmly under control. Dogs can disturb sheep and frighten wildlife. Dogs should not be brought onto the open hill which is traditional sheep farming country.
  • Please use stiles and gates where provided, leaving these as you find them. Avoid damaging fences and walls. Please report any accidents, damage or vandalism you might see.