Lough Tay


I have been to Lough Tay the last two days, yesterday I just took some crag shots and scrambled around the boulders, I found a few doable looking problems with decent landings and left keen to return. Today was so nice I just had to go back with shoes and pad this time.

When you walk to the boulders from the lake the pretty much the first boulder you come to has a great problem that I did just over 12 years ago in January 2002. It’s a bit of tease as it’s one of the few problems with a decent landing in the whole place.

Today I reclimbed this problem (must give it a name), it’s around 6a, did the arete just to the left and an easy problem on either side. I brushed a few other things that felt a little hard including this brutal one mover that revolves around a pair of opposing gastons. Inevitable I left slightly less full of enhtusiams that on the first day but that’s always the way. Over the years I have occisialted between f thinking Lough Tay has massive potential and dismissing it, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

There has been a good bit of activity there lately. I saw lots of cleaned problems and I think it definitely merits a topo.

There are definitely some good problems, including the amazing line in the photo above.

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